Video Rugby Update From Israel

FINAL TOUR UPDATE + PILLOW STACKING Howdy Friend, This is the final tour update from the Maccabi Games.  I have also included a pillow stacking technique. For those that missed it, I wrote a rather lengthy essay on how rugby has affected my life and what it means to me.  I followed up with a mid [...]

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Rugby Video Update [final] & STEAM Carnival

Rugby + STEAM Last update before leaving + a very cool carnival Howdy Friend, This is the final update on my rugby progress before I leave for Israel to compete.  I'm also sharing a really cool project that some of my best friends are building. For those that missed it, I wrote a rather lengthy essay [...]

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Video Rugby Update – Thank You!

Howdy Friend, This is a quick update on my progress as a rugby player during my swan song season. For those that missed it, I wrote a rather lengthy essay on how rugby has affected my life and what it means to me.  The essay has quite a bit of history and photos, thoughts on playing [...]

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Rugby – a way of life

Howdy Friend, Rugby has been a corner stone of my life. My closest friends, my jobs, my travels around the world... some of my fondest memories come from rugby. Sports and rugby specifically, has been a glue that has held my life together.  It's taught me how to win and to lose, the essence of "team", [...]

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Happy New Year – Books, Kickstarter, Video Interviews

Howdy Friend, Happy New Year! This post covers 3 topics of interest. 1) Books 2) Kickstarter 3) Video Interviews Books An interest that has proven to allow me to grow on so many levels, year after year, is reading. That's right, good old reading. But wait, there's more! Not just any reading..reading books!  Books with a cover and [...]

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Happy Birthday – My last year in review

Happy Birthday 35 I am.  Finished I am not. Howdy Friend, For me, my birthday is always a good time for reflection. The past year has been punctuated by so many memorable events. 1) Apollo crossed over to another world 2) I helped build A Moveable Feast 3) Went to Burning Man..again 4) Earned 2nd place in the fleet [...]

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Apollo The Great

Apollo the Great - Wonder Dog Howdy Friend, Apollo the Great has moved on to another world - 3/1998 – 5/26/2012* This is the story of his life. He was my very best friend. In the late Spring  of my sophomore year of college some friends and I went to a party one cold, wet Friday [...]

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USA Maccabiah Rugby in Rugby Magazine

Hi, Thank you!  Because of the incredible support from clubs across the United States, the USA Maccabiah Rugby Team has recieved an incredible influx of new talent. Rugby Magazine has also just published an article about us and our journey to the top. If you know of any Jewish ruggers that might be keen to [...]

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WANTED: Jewish Rugby Players – World Maccabiah Games

WANTED: Jewish Rugby Players - World Maccabiah Games Hi, The USA Maccabiah Rugby team is actively recruiting Jewish rugby players in our quest to earn the Gold medal in the Maccabiah World Games 2013. Please direct players to or our Facebook page for more information. National tryouts will be held August 31-September 3rd in Chicago, IL. Former US Eagle and [...]

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A Moveable Feast

Kinetic Sculpture Howdy Friend, I have always enjoyed building things, working with my hands. I am working on a project that is on I like tasks that are born from problems that push me to the edge.  Complex, with many variables, high stakes, and requiring thought from diverse fields.  I feel like I grow as [...]

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